Mu 89 - Hero of the Sky, Ben Komets Miniatures

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

time for another review on MV. 

This is review #89
- if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, 

Today we will look closer on a project called "Hero of the Sky".
You can get your version here:


This is what the homepage says:

Sculptor: Lucas Pina Penichet
Box Art: Ben Komets
Size: 50mm / 2”
Parts: 4
Material: Resin

Handmade with pride and joy in Berlin, Germany

The bust is at 35,00 € in the store plus shipping cost.
Pricewise for a bust in this size a regular price we would say.

 Allright, jungle review rolling in.
Let's have a closer look on this warrior, no hero of the sky.

1, 2, 3 Unpacked ...

 Wow! If a bust arrives like this it means style ...

Carefully opening up and even more swag and style inside ...
Stickers, a cool wooden box and a card that shows Ben's painted Box-Art ...

... and on the back a drawing of the conceptwork.

Unwrapping the Hero from black paper.

All parts in the box ...

The bust itself is a beautiful piece, wind is playing in the sculpt which makes a sculpt always look cool ...

Mustache! Better pilots got one.

The detail on the bust is really sweet, but also not too complicated. Joyful for painting. The bust is a lot of fun for advanced painters and also is very beginner friendly. Very clear and structured surfaces that call you for painting.

From the cleaning and preperation aspect the bust itself is wonderful and not much cleaning is needed.

Additional parts, part of the scarf and a cigarette, cigar or whatsoever. The scarf looks weird on the first sight, but these small resin skins are very easy to be removed. Just take proper care while use your knife and cutting the pieces from the sprue to do it with the right amount of controlled strength. They might break easily as they are so thin.

Well, four pieces make the bust we only used three. As I spoke with Ben they had to make the buckle of his headgear as a single piece in the second batch. This review is made with a sculpt from the first batch.
Easy to attach. Really very beginner friendly and a very funny sculpt.

The model paints itself, because of the funny character. Here is a WIP shot of Roman's version. Lucas Pina is one hell of a sculpter, every Volume is fun to slap color on. This bust was started at this years NOVA Open in several of Roman's seminars and also some brave students painted on it.

Roman's version ...

A really cool bust. The Hero of the Sky will definatly bring you painting fun and joy. Easy to assemble, easy to clean up, not overloaded with details, but the details he got are a good painting fun (for examples two pairs of glasses you can play with!)

Quite the character. 
We just heard about a restock on this bust and if you enjoy it ...

You can get your version here:

MV Birthday Contest: Workspaces, Newsflash!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters,

please do not think we forgot about our actual contest.
Thanks for everyone who took part in MV's birthday celebration.

We got 46 confirmed entries and with it many beautiful workspaces.
We will show them next week and will have the winners announced soon too!

These days the jungle is quite busy and this weeks schedule will be changing again. We will have the result of this weeks Tutorial Voting dropping in on Saturday. Tomorrow something else.

Keep on happy painting! 


by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning,

another day in the jungle and we finally come around in fullfilling our promise to catch up with the past. For example Roman did paint Heroes & Villians "Harald" bust. A dwarf bust sculpted by talented Lucas Pina. The scale of the bust is 1/12.

Roman did start to paint him during a really cool private coaching with Josua from Switzerland and as we are catching up with the past this review will also be on the bloe soon. As Josua did decide to learn about atmosphere with Roman it was his task to find his "mood" for his version and Roman was up to just to the opposite version. So Roman's plan was very spontaneous you can say at least.

Good news for all of you follow MV's year of the painter 2: 
There will be a step by step about it in future days.

Josua went for a cold atmosphere and cool sorrounding influancing his model but did put warm temperatured lights coming from one side. Roman therefore decided to go for warm sorroundings and cold lights from the top. Fun.

Josua and Roman called both versions "Fire & Ice" and this is how both looked after the two day MV private coaching.

Well, both did paint on after the coaching and were on fire ... and ice. Read more about it soon in Josua's coaching review. Roman's version ended up like this:

Heroes & Villians, 1/12

You can find more photos of "Fire" on Putty & Paint.

Also Roman's version of Harald is on sale.
If you are interested to make this one yours, please write a mail to
for further information.

Keep on happy painting!

Review: Private Coaching with Josua

by Massive Voodoo

 Good Morning Jungle,

incoming private coaching review.
This time with Josua. 

Roman enjoyed two splendid days with Josua.
Main subject on the coaching with this friendly gentleman from Switzerland was
"how to create atmosphere while painting a miniature".

Roman and Josua did start right away and painted like madmen
during the two day MV private coaching. 

Roman & Josua

... and apples in tribute to Kirill Kanaev.

Let's hear what Josua has to tell about his private coaching experience with Roman, shall we?

Josua's Private Coaching Review:

Hi there Jungle People

In the next few sentences I will try to describe what I experienced in the two day Massive Voodoo Private Coaching.

After roughly 12 years painting I was really excited to have my first class ever as a Private coaching with Roman.

Finally the first day arrived… As I came into the Studio Roman was already busy preparing the stuff for the coaching. After a good strong black Coffee we dived right into the Wonderful World of colours. The topics that I chose and talked about before the class were : “How to paint Atmosphere” . A few minutes in and I already began to recognize how much Roman loves colours and the whole subject of Atmosphere. After the Basic Color theory stuff I had 3 tasks to master which include to mix several color out of the Primary Colors (cyan,yellow,magenta ). In this first part was so much knowledge already that I was getting more and more excited for what was in front of me. After about 2 hours playing around with colors Roman and me decided to go straight to the Bust we chose to paint over the next two days. After a good talk about the Story behind a Project we started with the main part.


A wolf

Another wolf, but this time atmospheric, very.

... and what Josua made out of blobs.

I decided to paint my bust in a cold Atmosphere with a warm light from a slightly tilted angle. The funny part was that Roman had exactly the same Bust in front of him but decided to paint the opposite Atmosphere on his one which meant warm overall atmosphere with a cold zenithal light . We started pretty quickly with a good measure on guiding from Romans side. I never had the feeling that roman tried to change the way I paint a glaze or a color transition. He was always interested to show me his way of seeing something what colors he used and why, how they work and interact with each other.

A little happy accident.

Day one was gone in a blink of an eye. As I was on my way to my Hotel room I slowly realized how much I learnt in this one day of being with Roman.

Fire and Ice :)

Day two started again with a good black coffee and some reflection of day one. Right after it we started to work more on the different parts of the model as we mainly blocked in all the colors on the previous day. For every important part there was a short theory part to make sure that everything was clear. The painting sessions in-between these short theory breaks where full of painting and fun. Sometimes I almost forgot where I was because the atmosphere in this studio is so full of joy and creativity that It really felt like home.

Day two went so fast as well ... My bust was not finished yet but I had the knowledge to finish it at home for sure!!  In these two days I learnt so much I can not describe it and if I am honest with you I have not been able to assimilate everything till this moment as I write this review.

Dwarf's never forget their weapons. You know how stupid this looks, Harald?
Harald here and Harald there! Beware!
Warm and cold Harald.

This teaching has showed me that that atmosphere is a much bigger subject than I ever thought. It also filled up my motivation and creativity level to the brim !! These two days are one incredible experience that you can make as a painter!!

I can not  recommend it enough…



Both versions were finished after the coaching. They looked like this:

You can find more photos of Josua's Ice here and more of Roman's Fire here.

Keep on happy painting!

Info if you are considering doing a private coaching with Roman: 
The year 2016 is fully planned. After weekend painting classes are getting fixed for the first half of 2017 as we speak it is soon time to build private coaching sessions around this. Already starting slowly. So if you want to take a private coaching with Roman, just write him a mail :)

Tutorial Voting: Find your way to Khorne!

by Massive Voodoo


Massive Voodoo's jungle engines are in full blast mode.
Time for Tutorial Voting again on this beautiful and still cold Tuesday here on Germany.
Winter is coming and that saying is boring :D

This week's voting result will be revealed on Thursday.

If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far in MV's year of the painter 2
please check this link!
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If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

SBS - Slaughterpriest of Khorne
In this step by step article Roman talks about the creation of his version of GW's Slaughterpriest of Khorne. Speaks about a base with too many skulls and about how the paintjob did evolve.

SBS - Find your way
A step by step by Roman. By voting this Roman takes you on an insight ride through his work and thoughts on this bust by Midnight Miniatures. A cute hobbit on his walk through a peaceful forest. Will green influance it all?

Happy Voting!

Review: One week Private Coaching with Mike

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters!

A while ago we had a really good time when Mike aka Shades visited us in the studio for one week of private coaching with Raffa.

Raffa & Mike

Usually we no let our visitors tell how they found the experience in the studio.
In this case, Mike already wrote a fantastic wrap-up on his blog.

So this time Raffa will talk a bit about his experience:

Written by Raffaele "Picster" Picca:

When Mike and I planned the one week Private Coaching and his visit to Germany I already met and knew him. Knowing he is a great and kind person made the whole contact much easier.

But even then, planning one week of Private Coaching is not easily done.

We talked a lot about topics for this week via mail. His wishes about things he wanted to learn and topics to cover.

We agreed on the following plan for the week:
  • observe me painting one of my projects
  • observe me preparing a model and construct a base
  • paint an identical pair of miniatures side-by-side
  • have a focus session on non-metallic metals
  • be coached on a project
  • have both of us batch-paint a skirmish-size set of gaming miniatures and play a game!

Sounded good but also it would be a tight schedule, even for a week.

When Mike and I were finally in the studio I reconsidered our plan and talked with Mike about making some adjustments. We dropped some parts of it to concentrate on one main project that Mike painted, the "Random Encounter" by FeR Miniatures.

We still wanted to paint the skirmish team and play the game, but we dropped the part where Mike was just watching me paint as I was sure it would benefit him more spending more time painting!

 Our projects, mine were the little girl "Rose" and the guy with the stone axe

While we worked on the projects, we talked a lot.
I am a strong believer that it is better to teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish for a day ;)

A lot of principles when painting miniatures or art in general are theoretical things and while technique is not unimportant, it is also something that is in my opinion easily learned. Technique can also be improved and learned while being at home after the Private Coaching. Theory and Art principles are great if you can talk about it and question certain things.

In the zone...

We actually spent a lot of time on the couch with a coffee and talked about theory and miniature projects. I quickly noticed that Mike is a curious and mindful person that really wanted to get behind a lot of principles.

"Most of what I learned was actually accomplished by talking through art principles, while relaxing over coffee or lunch.  These lessons were actually my fondest and most enlightening moments.  Raffa has enormous patience and deep knowledge for fielding questions about making choices based on a variety of criteria, be they physics-oriented or aesthetic-oriented.  He also has a great talent for communicating very clearly and precisely, especially considering he was instructing me in a language that is not his native tongue.  At one point he even helped me find the right English word for something I was trying to say!" - Mike Schaefer

I was very happy that we changed the original plan and that Mike was a fantastic student trusting me a lot for decisions like this  :)

"I'm glad we were both flexible to deviate from our original plan.  Doing so enabled me to learn things that I didn't expect to learn.  For example, I learned why building saturation on top of a desaturated ground can be more favorable than going the opposite direction.  Raffa demonstrated that concept on the back of a blister pack -- a valuable lesson that I might have missed, had we had adhered too strictly to our initial plan."  - Mike Schaefer

In the end, Mike really did a fantastic job with his project and I think it was a huge step for him.
Check out the final result and see for yourself:

After the dwarf we started with our two Guild Ball skirmish teams.
Mike was kind enough to supply me with the Butcher Team that perfectly fits my approach in most games!
He started to paint his Mason Guild team so we could play a round with the two painted teams.

The two teams, work in progress

We gave our best and painted like two crazy persons, but in the end we didn't manage to completely paint the teams.

Mike's Masons

I was happy to learn about Guild Ball from Mike who is a fantastic teacher when it comes to game rules. In my opinion he should be host to a TV show where he can explain game rules for board games!

When we played, my inner role-play character quickly got hold of me and my butcherous blood lust took over. I tried to beat up the Masons as good as I could, in the middle of the game it wasn't looking good for my Butchers... but in the end I got hold of the guys and scored the final goal: Victory for the Butchers!!!

Muhahaha, Blooooood!

Although I am absolutely sure that Mike, who is a much more experienced gamer that I am, let me win to not spoil my fun too much :)

By the time this review gets published I finished my Butcher Team!

Overall, it was a fantastic week as a teacher and I would be happy to have Mike in the studio again!
So at this point I want to thank Mike for the great opportunity of spending time with him and the great week we had together!

And a warning to everyone else out there: Don't mess with these guys!